If You Can Dream It We Can Build It!

Manufacturing Door Cross Section

We're passionate about the products we deliver!

Why do we do what we do?  After listening to homeowners for more than 5 years, a common frustration point for most was the limited number of choices in the garage door marketplace.  Oftentimes, they felt that they were being shoved into a ready-made solution, rather than having the freedom to incorporate their garage door into the architecture of their home.  We listened, and Eden Coast was born.  No longer will you have limited options!  No longer will you hear “that's not available!”  You are only limited by your ability to dream and create.  We are here to help you complement the design of your home with your garage doors.  In the end, your garage won't look like a garage; it will look like an additional room on your home.  Increase your curb appeal today, and start to design your home “addition” without limits!

We look forward to serving you either through our sales department at (888) 407-2114, or our email at sales@edencoast.com.  If you would like to view or print our credit application, then please click here.

Thank you,

Duane Laricey