Eden Coast, LLC warrants to the original purchaser that Eden Coast will repair or replace material, sections or hardware that is defective in material or workmanship pursuant to the terms of this limited warranty for the period from the date of purchase specified in the Limited Warranty Table below. This warranty applies to single-family residential, residential condominium or similar residential multi-family housing applications.  This warranty does not apply to commercial, industrial, or non-residential uses.

When Eden Coast furnishes the entire door (including sections and hardware) we will replace sections, hardware springs, defective sections, windows, or any components associated with sections or hardware at no cost if Eden Coast, LLC determines there is liability on their part.  When Eden Coast applies material to sections provided to them by others, the section manufacturer’s warranty will take precedent on those sections and all hardware. Any and all labor costs associated with replacing any sections, hardware springs, defective sections, windows, or any components associated with sections or hardware will be the responsibility of the original purchaser.

Limited warranty periods are as follows:


Steel Door


Overlay Delamination


Stain Finish


All Complete Eden Coast Doors

Limited Lifetime

10 Years

5 Years

2 Years

5 Years

10 Years*

Sections Provided By Others

By others

10 Years

5 Years

By others

5 Years

By others

Details of the terms and limitations of warranty:

Steel Door / Limited Lifetime - These warranties extend to normal usage when the door has been installed and maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. The warranties do not apply to any damage or deterioration caused by abuse or misuse, failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance as defined by manufacturer’s maintenance and installation instructions, improper installation or handling of garage door or electric garage door opener, acts of God, fire, hail, flood, failure of paint applied after manufacture and distribution, alterations and/or additions to door or atmospheric conditions, including, but not limited to: (1) areas subject to excessive salt atmosphere, (2) areas subjects to fallout or exposure to corrosive chemicals, fumes, ash, cement dust, animal waste, or foreign substances, and (3) areas subject to water runoff from lead, copper, or galvanic metal flashing.

Material / 10 Year - If material is found to be defective by inspection of an authorized Eden Coast employee, we will repair or replace any elements material overlay or garage door section with overlay material on it due to failure of product breakdown within 10 years of original purchase. Proof of purchase is required.

Overlay De-lamination / 5 Years - We will repair or replace any garage door section that is defective in material or workmanship, including, but not limited to, de-lamination of the material used by Eden Coast, LLC at our option within 5 years of original purchase. Proof of purchase is required.

Hardware/Springs / 2 Years - At our option we will repair or replace any garage door hardware or components to the sections, springs or spring components that are defective in any way within the 2 years from original purchase. Proof of purchase is required.

Pre-Finish / 5 years - Any pre-finished stained garage door that is finished in Eden Coast, LLC’s facility is warranted against bubbling, cracking, chipping, peeling, chalking or abnormal fading within the 5 years of original purchase. Warranty is void, if determined by an Eden Coast, LLC employee that incidental or consequential damages have been done to the finish. Some expansion and contraction of face materials could cause filler material to raise proud of the surrounding area. This is not a factory defect and is not covered under this warranty. Proof of purchase is required. Eden Coast provides no performance warranty on paint finishes against fading and/or chalking. Any claims regarding the performance of painted finishes will be referred to the paint manufacturer’s local representative. Eden Coast does not warranty its finishes against oxidation. Oxidation is caused by foreign materials coming in contact with the finish for prolonged periods of time. Those agents can include, but are not limited to salt, concrete dust, stucco dust, dust from pavers and any foreign chemicals, such as bleach or pesticides.  It is highly recommended that the garage door finish be cleaned routinely to remove these harmful agents.  Periodically cleaning the doors with normal hose pressure is recommended. Pressure washing is not advised under any circumstance.  A polishing routine with a polymer polish is highly recommended to prolong the life of the finish, as needed.

*Windows/ 10 years - From date of purchase, window frames are warranted for 10 years against any manufacturing defects or delamination. This does not cover any breakage, damage or loss caused by any abrasive cleaning products, harmful chemicals, extreme environmental conditions, or abuse. Insulated glass is warranted from film formation or any moisture collection on the insulated glass window for 1 year from original purchase. Proof of purchase is required.